Kansas City veterans need our help

It’s a common misconception that the government takes care of veterans. While the government does have some liability, the notion that they meet all the needs of the men and women leaving the service is simply not true. We spend billions preparing for war and training, yet minimal preparation is done for our troops returning home. While the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs tries its best to help those that served, it does not provide to all, nor does it treat all conditions caused by military trauma. This is changing thanks to our Vietnam veterans, private causes and involved communities.

To many of our homeless veterans, life on the street is a war they are still fighting. But now, not for our freedoms, but for their survival. The Heart of America Stand Down offers them a break from their battle by bringing the community together, in a safe, violence- and substance-free environment. Heart of American Stand Down provides resources that make a difference. It is estimated that several hundred homeless veterans live in the Kansas City metro.

We couldn’t do it alone

Hundreds of community service groups and organizations from the Greater Kansas City Metro come together to provide assistance and help remove the barriers that prevent homeless veterans from re-entering society as engaged, productive citizens so that they may live more fulfilling lives. Veterans can get assistance with medical needs, substance abuse, legal issues, taxes, housing and utility assistance, family counseling, spiritual, mentorships, educational and employment opportunities, haircuts, and so much more.

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